It’s in the Details

As you are planning your wedding you realize that there are SO many little details that keep popping up, and sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. We are going to try every so often to have an article dealing with the little details, so it is one less thing your have to worry about. Send us your ideas and thoughts on what you want to read about in this series!

This series is starting with what to toss, after the ceremony. There are so many options out there, from bubbles, to sparklers, to bird seeds, and we know that many locations do not allow you to toss anything, so that is why we have searched high and low for some really great creative options for you. Below are some of our favorites! We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Sparklers
A festive way to close a summer wedding ceremony is to light sparklers as the bride and groom leave the site. These can also be used as favors for the guests at an evening wedding, where they can be given out along with printed matchboxes or matchbooks. We LOVE this idea!

Details: Sparklers

2. Fall Leaves
These make the perfect fall toss, and this is a green alternative to the traditional rice. There are two ways you can go about doing this one. One use fake silk leaves, or go out the night before your ceremony and collect a few baskets full of the brightest, most colorful leaves you can find.  Have baskets placed at either the entrance way of your venus if indoors, or hang little baskets on the back of all the chairs for an outdoor wedding. Make sure you have gathered enough for all your guest to partake. It will be like running through the leaves like when you were a child, and just images how pretty those beautiful fall colors will look in all your amazing photographs.

3. Bells
They make such a wonderful alternative to bubbles or rice. And you can turn these into cute little favors that your guest can take home with them.
(P.S. check out this link below to Twigs and Thistles for the DIY tutorial for these beautiful bells)

Farewell Bells

4. Seasonal Flowers
Try tossing fragrant seasonal blooms instead of rice. To do this you will want to remove the stems from the blossoms, and have bridesmaids carry baskets of them. Guests can reach in and grab handfuls to toss. Or you can place them into little cloth bags and have them handed out to each guest as they leave.

5. Ribbons
These beautiful streamers could be the perfect fairy tale ending.


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